Why Mortgage365

Our platform connects your systems, teams, and data for lenders to gain a complete view of the borrower, uncover opportunities, and take action – all from a single worksurface.

Your Data, Whenever You Need It

Make your data easily accessible across your organization and eliminate duplicate data re-entry with a single-source solution.
Lead to Loan Simplified
Automation, event tracking, and intuitive UI simplify your day so you can scale your expertise and deliver a seamless customer experience.
Grow with Resiliency
Flexible technology enables you to pivot business strategies and use cases across thousands of users as the market shifts.
Be Proactively Aware of Your Next Opportunity
Leverage continuous data monitoring across the entire homeownership journey and beyond, enabling you to proactively identify the right opportunities for your borrowers across a lifetime.
Relational Mortgage at Scale
Build human relationships with intent-driven engagement at the right time. Increase efficiency and deepen customer relationships in any market.

Optimize the Output of Your Tech Stack

Accelerate innovation and agility by connecting core mortgage lending systems and migrating to the cloud.

Built on Microsoft Dataverse, leveraging Dynamics

  • MortgageOS is the only technology platform developed for the Microsoft technologies you already trust and rely on.
  • Azure native services with mortgage lending interfaces enable you to build and scale on the platform.

Operate in a unified, data-driven way

  • Turnkey bi-directional integrations across LOS, POS, CRM, Credit, Home Valuation, Loan Pricing and fees, AUS, Closing, Servicing, and beyond
  • The first non-LOS with built-in Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Underwriting.

Embedded into Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

  • Replace outdated legacy software to optimize performance
  • Centralize data to enable scalable interoperability
  • Search through millions of records swiftly
  • Purpose-built for real-time mortgage data interfaces

Integrated Security and Confidence in the Trusted Cloud

  • We have partnered with Microsoft to maintain the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider.
  • 100% utilization of Microsoft’s SOC and SSAE-16 controls, and assertions for protection of your data.
  • Azure + Dynamics365 privacy per customer
  • Customer controls access to data and environment

A Home Base Configurable For The Entire Lending Team

Mortgage365 connects each phase of the mortgage process with your critical core lending systems and fills in the gaps for a single platform experience. We provide you with insight into every borrower at every stage of their journey and all the tools to deliver a unified experience.

Activity Center

Streamline your workday, gain a complete view of your borrower and loans in process, automate task generation, and more, on a dynamic worksurface.

  • Configurable Activity Center Tiles and Tile Sets determined by persona use-case.
  • Cross-team collaboration in a singular platform, providing visibility and real-time information to everyone involved.
  • Reporting and analytics via PowerBI.

Opportunity Management

Uncover opportunities with sales software that helps teams identify, prioritize, and manage leads, engage with borrowers, and close more loans.

  • Opportunity tracking & reporting.
  • Events registered in other systems trigger lead workflows in Mortgage365.
  • Automated assignment in Mortgage365.
  • Dynamic contact strategy adjusts based on borrower interactions and needs.
  • Close the gaps in the pre-application journey.

Timeline Activities

View all the milestones and communications related to a loan in progress in line with your lending process.

  • 2-way sync between systems reveals real-time data and status updates.
  • Quickly create actions for customer follow-up.
  • Email and Text/SMS directly from your Timeline.
  • Visibility into all communications with custom filters.
  • Cross-team access to completed and upcoming activities. propel the process forward.


Tag, filter and view real-time borrower information, including goals, criteria, and loan history. Intelligent WhyCloud tagging powers a tailored customer journey.

  • Note your borrower’s circumstances and personal financial goals.
  • WhyCloud tags create an intuitive consumer profile that can establish a record of goals over time.
  • Drive personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Proactively monitor for the right opportunities, and more.

Scenario Engine

Instantly create custom loan scenarios powered by data from your POS, pricing engine, fee generator, and beyond to prequalify borrowers and present application-ready scenarios for them to compare and choose the right option easily.

  • Fully customizable side-by-side loan scenarios.
  • 2-way integration with your LOS to push client information, loan data and the chosen scenario into the LOS at the initiation of an application.
  • Compliance-ready, PII-free customer presentations.
  • Comprehensive integrations and simple UI enable a simple tool for you to quickly create custom loan scenarios at scale.
  • Credit soft-pull and hard-pull.
  • Optimize prequalification flows.

Omnichannel Communications

Omnichannel communications are delivered in a single platform, supporting compliance, company-wide communication standards, cross-team visibility, and an efficient, connected borrower experience.

  • Outlook for email, Text, inbound and outbound Telephony all from the worksurface.
  • Send and manage all borrower communications, including tailored loan scenarios and cash-to-close customer presentations.
  • Searchable record of communications.
  • Dynamics Marketing capabilities.
  • Configure custom email templates.

We’ve Reimagined Lending and Engineered Technology That Makes It Easy, Relational and Accessible.


Lending enabled by Mortgage365 in 2022.

Developed by experts

Developed by loan officers and expert mortgage technology innovators.


Core lending integrations.

Own What’s Possible

Mortgage365 optimizes your operations and enhances productivity by connecting your software and resources into one centralized location.
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